Fado Nórdico (EN)

Fado Nordico - Anne, Monica og Søren

Fado Nórdico

Portuguese fado meets scandinavian folklore

Vocal and piano: Monica Jakobsen
Violin and vocal: Anne Eltard
Guitar: Søren Tarding Rasmussen
Fado Nórdico is a fusion between the Scandinavian sound and the Portuguese fado. It is the sound of the River Tejo in Lisbon that mixes with the sweet smell of a Danish summer garden. It is a musical meeting between to old cultures of fishermen and farming from each side of the Eurpean continent.
The Danish singer and songwriter Monica Jakobsen, who has been living for several years in Portugal, took this initiative after discovering she had a talent for fado songwriting. Besides being sung at Fado Nórdicos own concerts, her songs are being performed by known fadosingers in Portugal, in live concerts and on recordings.
The Danish violinist and composer Anne Eltard has her musical roots in the scanivain folk music. She is a well-known and appreciated musician in Denmark and in the other Scandinavian countries. She surely represents the Nordic element of Fado Nórdico. She sings and plays well-known folk songs and own compositions.
The guitarist Søren Tarding Rasmussen has a musical backround in latin and jazz, and represents the fusion of North and South. His very personal style is revealed in his solos and through his own compositions that make references to the Argentine Tango and the classical Spanish guitar.
The soft and expressive voice of Monica, the intense and powerful playing and voice of Anne mixed with the intimate guitar style of Søren, becomes a musical whole, that reminds us that music is a common and universal language the crosses all borders.
With a sense of humour, Fado Nórdico, serves us both Portuguese codfish and Danish herring at takes us out on a journey full of melancholy, joy and longing.